REi focuses not only on the ROI, but your ROV (Return on Vision). Our ‘Return on Vision’ approach allows us to understand the client’s needs and expectations that most companies overlook.

Real Estate inSync

As founder and president of Real Estate InSync (REi), Mr. William F. Butler and the REi team work closely with clients to assess needs, clarify goals, design comprehensive development solutions and manage programs to strategically reposition assets, brand properties and maximize real estate portfolios. REi’s expertise, experience and integrity have attracted high-profile clients, including Regions Morgan Timberland Group, Capital City Bank Group, Florida Retail Federation, City of Tallahassee, the Florida State University Real Estate Foundation, Seminole Boosters, North American Properties, and BBX Capital.

Client Testimonials

"They are known as the 'go to' real estate players in North Florida. If you have real estate between Pensacola and Jacksonville, you should talk to Real Estate inSync."

Everitt Drew, President
SouthGroup Equities

"I believe that Will and REi have the model and process for the new 'state of the art' in real estate asset management."

Dean Gatzlaff, Director
Center for Real Estate Education & Research, College of Business, Florida State University

"A whole lot of 'consultants' are good a writing reports, Will and his asset management team not only presented us with the perfect plan – they also got every aspect of the projects done – on budget and on time!"

Jim Ruckel, President
RPI, Niceville, Florida

"REi understands 'brand equity' and is totally tuned in to all of the ways to create and market successful real estate brands."

Kelley Slay, President
Kelco Management & Development, Jacksonville, FL

The REi Portfolio Value Maximization Strategy and Process:


REi leads with collaboration between its clients, stakeholders and network of industry professionals to develop clear vision and comprehensive goals for real estate endeavors.


REi effectively interprets trends, examines emerging issues and analyzes market conditions to design innovative real estate centric solutions aimed at maximizing client portfolios.


REi leverages its collaborative and innovative approach to strategically reposition real estate assets, brand properties and transform development concepts into profitable ventures.